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As one flame fades off to flicker

A lonely fire

burns bright within

The world spins upon its axis 

Repeats to turn around again

Years corrode what’s left neglected 

Misplaced out in the rain

But the heart still recognizes

in it’s heart 

the sweetest part of pain

While you might not choose forgiveness

And conveniently 

Choose to forget

There is a magic bond abundant 




There’s a universe written between us 

All of the challenges we have met

Chapters all seeking conclusions

Life still editing 

the script

All of the panic in 


while we clawed to find our way


and kept us humble

moved us along

and kept us sane

Not so easy to decipher

what we have strived to forge alone

But there is blood

and there is water

And lessons fascinating 

in the lessons we have earned

So never think I’d choose 


the part of you 

that’s part of me

Because the two of us together

taught us both 

how to break free.